At Durham Taylor LLC, we help convert what's good into something even better.  

Durham Taylor LLC (or "DT Law") is a solo law practice based just outside of Athens, Georgia but untethered to any particular physical location.  DT Law brings a depth of experience and expertise to its three main practice areas, and offers highly competitive pricing in exchange for the extraordinary value founded in its winning combination of BigLaw experience and academic intellect in a low-overhead environment.  Our mantra is that we help convert what's already good into something even better, and we do this in each of our areas of practice:  employment law for small and mid-sized businesses, litigation consulting for small and solo law firms, and appeals.  We summarize our offerings in each of these three areas below, and encourage you to visit our Practice Areas page for more details.

DT Law helps good employers become even better by providing highly-skilled representation in a wide variety of legal matters that can arise in the workplace.  The laws that govern the employment relationship are not only many but also sometimes vexing, and DT Law can help employers of all sizes find a way through that maze to ensure compliance for lawsuit avoidance.  Because litigation is sometimes inevitable, we can also help minimize liability exposure and fend off claims when they do arise.   

Through our litigation consulting services, DT Law provides able and ready assistance to other solo and small-firm lawyers who find themselves needing top-notch work completed with minimal supervision, either due to workload saturation or a gap in expertise.  Finally, DT Law's appellate practice is equipped to handle appeals in state and federal courts as well as from administrative tribunals, injecting new insights and skills into cases raising a variety of legal issues.   

DT Law offers the experience of Big Law, the intellect of academia, and the value of a small-town law firm.  All of that combines to mean top-notch, personalized service that will not just meet but exceed your expectations.  We utilize secure and efficient technology to deliver legal services in ways that best suit the needs of modern businesses.  Our pricing structure is client-centered, and we work with our clients to ensure that they receive an extraordinary value for top-quality representation.  To find out how we can help you or your business become even better, read more about DT Law under the links above, and reach out to us through the contact form to receive more information or request a consultation.