If your firm is experiencing a short- or long-term staffing deficit in its litigation practice, DT Law is the answer.  Lisa Taylor offers highly skilled, competent freelance litigation services in almost any area of the law and is well positioned to help your client achieve the desired result with minimal time investment from you. When you hire Lisa to do handle some aspect of your case, whether that be drafting a legal brief or pleading, drafting or responding to discovery, or any other of the wide variety of tasks that can only (or best) be performed by an experienced litigator, you do so with the confidence that it will not just be done right, but it will be done extremely well. 

Lisa Taylor's unique background positions her especially well to consult on your litigation matters.  Lisa spent four years developing and honing her skills in a BigLaw litigation practice, and then spent the last eleven years reading, writing, researching, and speaking about the law as a full-time professor at an ABA-accredited law school.  In addition to courses in Employment Law, Contracts, and Remedies, Lisa has taught a decade's worth of budding lawyers all about Civil Procedure, and has developed an intimate familiarity with core procedural concepts in a way that can only come from intense and focused study over an extended period of time.  Indeed, Civil Procedure has been the cornerstone of Lisa's teaching load for the last eleven years.  It's true what they say -- there's no better way to learn something than to teach it, and that is surely the case for Lisa when it comes to civil procedure.

The litigation consulting services that DT Law offers include but are not limited to:

  • drafting pleadings
  • performing legal research and preparing written work product in the form that best suits your needs
  • drafting briefs in support of or opposition to motions to dismiss
  • drafting briefs in support of or opposition to motions for summary judgment
  • drafting appellate briefs and motions
  • drafting discovery requests or responses
  • drafting discovery-related motions
  • taking or defending depositions
  • any other aspect of your litigation that might feasibly be outsourced

To learn more about how DT Law can help your litigation practice become even better, reach out to us on our contact form so that we can arrange a time to speak.  Although lawyers aren't really supposed to make results-oriented promises, I can (almost) guarantee that you won't be disappointed when you see what we can do for you.