Durham Taylor LLC's signature offering is extraordinary value in exchange for top-notch legal services.  Because we are untethered to any particular physical location (we do not lease permanent office space) and utilize modern technologies to streamline our workflows, we can afford to keep our fees extremely low, especially by comparison to other lawyers with comparable skills and experience.  Indeed, our base billable-hour rate is lower than that charged for even the most junior associates (i.e. those fresh out of law school) at most big law firms in metropolitan markets. 

DT Law is committed to a client-centered pricing structure.  Our foundation is the traditional billable hour, but we are also innovative in working with clients to build non-traditional fee structures such as flat-fee services, particularly in unbundled representations.  In short, our central goal is to ensure that our clients believe they are getting high-quality legal services at an extraordinary value.   Contact us so that we can share with you our vision for first-rate representation at unbeatable prices.